Modular Exhibits


/'mäjələr/ adjective employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction. "modular housing units" • MATHEMATICS or or relating to a modulus.

Unlike most custom displays which are made of wood, our Modular Exhibits are primarily made of lightweight aluminium. This means you arrive at the convention hall with much less weight and therefore, saving in shipping and drayage. The other advantage of using Modular Booth Display is more flexibility and reusability than other Custom Exhibits. By building with lightweight aluminum extrusions, these exhibits can be reconfigured between each show to accommodate different booth sizes, graphic needs, messaging and branding.

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Less Weight

Let us help you design and build an exhibit that is easy to take from show to show, at 1/3 of the standard weight. Save yourself from excessive drayage costs!


We pride ourselves in the ability to design a custom modular exhibit that can be reconfigured for a 10x10 or 10x20 booth space, or whatever your next show calls for.

Design Team

Our team of award-winning exhibit designers and established graphic designers are eager to work with you on creating a show-stopping booth.

The Best Graphics

Abex has the latest in printing technology, with the highest quality UV flatbed printers capable of printing in ultra-fine variable dots on panels up to 96"W.