ABEX Capabilities - Smart Exhibit Design and Engineering



Whether it's coming up with high-resolution impactful and striking imagery to coincide with your logo and branding, or coming up with an exhibit concept that showcases a specific product you're launching or want to call attention to, our team of graphic designers and exhibit designers will come up with the perfect solution that meet's your company's tailored needs.


  • Design consultation

    You may have ideas about your booth design but aren't sure if they make sense, if your ideas work with your budget, or if the project is structurally feasible. Before we even put pencil to paper, we'll talk about the areas of your design concept that may be troublesome, spaces you'd like to improve, and your message regarding brand identity.

  • CAD and 3D Rendering

    When we start your design, we begin with your idea as a CAD drawing and bring it to life as a 3D model. Your CAD will be produced using VectorWorks, and once the model is finalized, our rendering professionals will create a 3D rendering using Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max.

  • Graphic Design

    You have great assets, an impressive website, a stellar logo and marketing campaign. But, maybe you don't have someone to layout your graphics for the booth. Design agencies are expensive. We know what it takes to deliver your message properly and have in-house designers that know our specs backwards and forwards. No need to pre-flight.



Let's say you have an exhibit idea that you haven't seen done before. It could be comprised of custom shape hanging signs, an innovative approach to showcase retail products, or a 50x50 exhibit concept with conference areas that's reconfigurable. We're no strangers to a challenge and our answer is always "We can do that."


  • Reconfigure

    You may have ideas about how to reconfigure you 20x20 exhibit for a 10x10 space, or maybe you're attending another show where you have more space! Either way, we'll tailor your concept to be reconfigurable with ease and the least amount of components possible.

  • Exhibit Rental

    Going to a show where you need a larger exhibit, but have no place to store your structure? We have plenty of options utilizing our Solar and Alumalite lines, to help build an exhibit you can rent.

  • I&D

    We know what it takes to get in and out of the convention hall for any trade show. Our team will help supervise the installation and dismantle of your booth, minimizing the amount of labor hours and saving you from all the stress and excess spending.



With over 35 years in the industry and being one of the originators of the pop-up display in the 80's, we've perfected portable displays and pride ourselves in our case capabilities.


  • Pop-Ups are Alive!

    The Pop-up is alive and kicking. Many trade show goers are still big fans of the pop-up display because of it's ease of use and how quickly it sets up. Our Road Warrior pop-up is the best in its class, with a tall durable frame and seamless high quality graphics that will hold show to show.

  • Tension Fabric

    Lightweight is key when it comes to trade shows, and fabric is a standard in the industry by leaps and bounds. Backlight your fabric with LEDs (see our new product Lumiwall) for even more impact.

  • Case/Counter Duo

    We have always rotomolded our own cases, and we take pride in them being some of the most durable on the scene. Not only does that change the portable game, but our case-to-counter conversion kits will transform your shipping case to an incredible counter for the front of your booth.