Reconfigurable Convention Booth Design

Looking for a multipurpose exhibit solution for presenting a custom look at each event? We provide our customers with stylish reconfigurable exhibits!

Whether you need a complex design that requires a large area or a simpler exhibit for product/service demonstration – Abex Exhibits excels at providing a range of reconfigurable booth designs that will work across more than just one show. Our highly skilled exhibit designers will collaborate with you to carefully listen to your needs, thereby helping you achieve an exhibit that fit your needs. The main focus of Abex is to provide you with a solution that not only enables you to tell a strong brand story at the exhibition floor but also helps you to save money by reusing your exhibits from one show to another. We also have portable displays, modular exhibits and custom trade show exhibits to meet your event needs.

At Abex Exhibits, we enhance, expand, and repurpose your display to fit multiple applications!

Exhibit Layouts – Throughout the year, booth spaces provided to exhibitors never remain the same, they vary from large to small. Our exhibit designers make sure to understand the importance of space configurations during the designing process of reconfigurable exhibits. They have thorough knowledge of layouts when it comes to providing reconfigurable exhibits for your business. Tell our exhibit designer about your idea, exhibit size range and type of layouts you want. This will help our designer to fulfill your needs in the best possible way.

Structural Elements – The clients are required to tell their basic needs for each booth design and make a list of those key features. Some sections in your exhibit will remain the same in every trade show but then there are structural elements that need to be adjusted. Our designers use interchangeable modules while creating reconfigurable exhibits. These modules are adaptable and can easily work with large and small booth configurations. We also offer lockable trade show counters to bring function to your booth display with lockable storage facility. When you hire us, no need to worry as our team always remains efficient with your inventory.

Latest Trends – With the advancement in technology and latest developments in exhibit designs, the needs of the clients also undergo change down the line. To avoid scrapping the exhibit and make a new next year, design modules are updated with new features like LED lights, shelving, addition of monitors and new design details to give your existing exhibit a new makeover. These updates add versatility to your reconfigurable exhibit. Our designers identify the areas where there are opportunities for customization over time.

Reconfigurable convention booth designs and exhibits require strategic designing and planning to earn higher ROI in the end. Confidently collaborate with one of our highly professional designers on how to design a reconfigurable exhibit as per your own requirements @ +1 800 537 0231. Check out our exhibit lines to identify what type of exhibit will better suit your business. We also have an Exhibit Search feature for you to help you narrow down your designs and layouts. You can also send your queries about our exhibit design services by visiting our Contact Us page.