Portable Trade Show Displays

Looking for portable trade show displays that proudly represent your valuable brand? Our portable displays are an affordable and easy-to-use option for you.

Whether you have 10x10 feet space or you frequently travel with your displays for attending different trade shows, we have a myriad of exquisite exhibits that will help your brand make a huge impact in a crowded exhibition floor. At Abex Exhibits, we offer our clients in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Fernando with portable models and modular trade show displays including hybrid fabric structures, pop-up displays, backlit fabric displays, and banner stands. We also specialize in exhibit design, custom exhibits, reconfigurable booth design and accessories that make your exhibit to stand out at the next show or event.

Capturing the attention of the attendees through best displays is our main objective!

Ease and Convenience – When it comes to do-it-yourself exhibitors, Abex Exhibits' portable displays are a great option. This is because they are light in weight, designed quickly and can be installed easily. You can use our Road Warrior Pop-Up Displays as they are easy to use and quick to set up. Our Road Warrior Pop-Up is best in class and has a tall durable frame. Its seamless high quality graphics will surely capture the attention of the attendees in any trade show. The consultants at Abex can also recommend you the best and easy to set-up display based on your business objectives.

Display is Your Brand – Display is the first thing that attracts the attention of the visitors. A great trade show display can help you get a worthy business partner or a good vendor for your products/services? At trade shows, when you're there for business, it is recommended to use our lightweight, backlit tension fabric option. Till date, fabric holds a good reputation in the marketplace. Our backlit tension fabric displays will help you make an impact with the quality brand presentation.

Quality and Durability – The use of high quality materials makes event tents a stable, durable and lightweight solution for product displays, presentation, and more – both indoors and outdoors. The cases we design are redesignable and expandable, and can be carried to any event or location. We take pride in providing some of the most durable case-to-counter conversion kits. Our case to counter conversion kits transforms your shipping case into an incredible counter for the front of your booth. This not only changes the portability game but also enhances your trade show display quality and durability.

At Abex Exhibits, we have a variety of portable displays as well as modular exhibits and other types of trade show displays that can help you create nearly any look and meet any function requirements for your next event. You can also search for exhibits based on your budget and preference.

If you are not able to find the perfect exhibit for your next trade show, then get in touch with us @ +1 800 537 0231 directly or contact us to message your exhibit needs.

Going Portable

  • Tension Fabric

    Lightweight is key when it comes to trade shows, and fabric is a standard in the industry by leaps and bounds. Backlight your fabric with LEDs (see our new product Lumiwall) for even more impact.

  • Case/Counter Duo

    We have always rotomolded our own cases, and we take pride in them being some of the most durable on the scene. Not only does that change the portable game, but our case-to-counter conversion kits will transform your shipping case to an incredible counter for the front of your booth.

  • Pop-Ups are Alive!

    The Pop-up is alive and kicking. Many trade show goers are still big fans of the pop-up display because of it's ease of use and how quickly it sets up. Our Road Warrior pop-up is the best in its class, with a tall durable frame and seamless high quality graphics that will hold show to show.