How Trade Show Displays Can Be Used 365 Days a Year

Most businesses purchase or rent trade show displays in the city they’re going to be exhibiting in- Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Long Beach, Pasadena, San Franciscoor other convention cities nationwide. They then either return the rental hardware to the company they rented from or store it in the corner in a closet after the show. Do you know many components of your modern day trade show displays can be used for small events around the office or in your company’s lobby?

For example, if tension fabric displays are used instead of another modular exhibit system, the lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to move from one place to another. In stretch fabric displays, certain configurations are constructed by connecting multiple panels. These panels can be separated and set up in various locations.

Following are the alternate uses of trade show displays:

PANELS AS CUBICLE SEPARATORS – Trade show display panels can be refurbished as cubicle separators on the office floor. With heights ranging from 6’ to 8’, they act as great visual barrier between two workspaces. The versatile office partitions create a flexible and modern workspace. These modular partitioning systems give an all-new look to your office and make it look great.

FABRIC DISPLAY AS EVENT SIGNAGE – Backlit or standard tension fabric displays can be used at the entrance of your office to attract the attention of new clients and employees..They can also be used at special events such as employee appreciation days, annual parties, etc.

LOBBY DISPLAYS – Your Lobby is the only space in the office to display and convey your message to visitors, customers and vendors. You can also use some sections of your trade show exhibit for product shelving or promotion in your lobby area.

AS MARKETING MATERIAL – You can reuse the trade show display materials for marketing outside your building, outside the different departments. You can also use them in other trade shows or outside fairs to let people know about your business or institute.

AS OFFICE DECORATION – The brightly colored printed graphics can also be used on the walls in the office to give the floor a different and unique appearance. This motivates employees and attracts new team members as well. If used in meeting areas, they create a great impression on clients.

Think outside the trade show and reuse your investment in trade show displays 365 days of the year to give an all new look to the office or for marketing purposes. For designing or customizing your exihibit for an upcoming trade show in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other West Coast cities, or for more tips on how to make the best use of trade show displays, contact Abex Exhibits.