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How Backlit Fabric Displays Make You Outperform Competitors

Backlit fabric displays

Backlit fabric displays are one of the hottest trends in trade shows today!

First impression is the last impression. For businesses, first impressions become even more crucial in trade shows. Exhibiting your products or services in a trade show is not just about meeting and greeting visitors, it is about presenting your brand in a compelling and memorable way. The appearance of your exhibit can drive interest and attract more visitors to your booth.

Backlit fabric displays can help you do exactly that. There are available a wide variety of sizes and styles in backlit displays, including tension fabric displays and hybrid modular displays, that will enable you to buy attendee time and stand out from the crowd. When back lighting is added to your trade show booth, you possibly gain the attention of the visitors with vibrant graphic colors. Such trade show displays not only show you work hard to promote your business but also create a professional look in big events.

Need more reasons to invest in a backlit fabric display for your business promotion? Check out here how these trade show displays will enable you to create great first impression and walk away with dozens of new customers:

1. They Attract More Visitors – In this highly competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to make an impact. That’s why it is important to place your best foot forward. Create buzz with a backlit display to outperform among competitors and compel visitors to know what your organization is all about. When you install standard lights in your booth, they can be irritating on the eyes and may also make the booth space appear darker. Inadequate lighting makes the booth space unattractive, and your services or products may go unnoticed.

Backlit fabric displays consist of bright LED lights installed behind customized fabric displays and integrated with aluminum profiles. Lights in the corner of the display brightly illuminate the corner and edges of your booth. The down lights that are placed at the top of the frame skin highlight your logo and graphics. It is completely your choice to select from single or double-sided backlit displays.

2. They Create Brand Recognition – The backlit displays allow you to communicate your brand message to the prospective customers effectively. When designed and installed properly, they clearly highlight your products / services, thereby strengthening your presence and creating brand recognition among attendees. These stunning visual displays will let you deliver your marketing message to a maximum number of visitors.

3. They Improve Attendees’ Experience – Brightly illuminated booth not only captures the attention of the attendees on a busy trade show floor but it also makes it easier for them to see and read about your company even from far off distance. Make the design simple and print the messages on the fabric display clearly so that attendees get exactly what you want to convey. Good lighting can easily help you accomplish that.

4. They are Lightweight & Versatile – These displays are made up of aluminum frames that have silicone edge graphics, thus making them lightweight and easy to transport. The functions of backlit displays are not only limited to trade shows and exhibitions, they can also be utilized at corporate lobbies, retail outlets, shopping malls and airports.

If you’re not sure which type of backlit fabric display will be best suitable for the next trade show, consult a trusted company that offers quality, flexibility, and durability with cutting-edge style in your exhibit. At Abex, you can count on us that you’ll surely get noticed.

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