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On A Tight Budget & Still Want To Update Your Exhibit Design – Follow These Steps

It’s not possible to purchase a new booth every time you exhibit at a trade show. Custom exhibits are a major investment and companies must know how to reuse them or design them wisely to be reconfigured. Every time you are part of a new trade show, it becomes difficult to spend money on new exhibits. Further down the line, there are other expenses involved with your exhibit such as freight to and from, drayage and material handling, labor to install and dismantle, storage and more.

custom exhibit design

Even if the original design is intact, sometimes the structure shows the signs of wear and tear. However, there are ways by which you can update your exhibit which prevent big and expensive repairs. Maintenance plays a vital role even in trade show exhibits!

Why maintenance matters….

Once the trade show is over, it is recommended that you thoroughly inspect the trade show booth. It might be possible that some corners or shelving might have got damaged and need to be refreshed and replaced. Also, check the light bulbs, electrical connections, graphics or any other missing pieces.

Also, check your shipping case because over time shipping cases might wear out or get damaged due to their continuous use in storage and transportation. You must repair the damages caused to your shipping case for the best protection of your exhibit. Below we have mentioned affordable ways on how you can maintain the condition of your trade show for years:


Give Your Graphics a Change – It is not at all mandatory that you have to build an all new exhibit. You can keep the things looking trendy and fresh by updating the display graphics. This is less expensive than getting a new booth designed. However, making few changes in the display graphics will look good only if you’re happy with the existing structure.

Use Portable Structures – Incorporate portable displays and it will undoubtedly give your trade show booth a great makeover. Portable structures are very much common nowadays just because they are easy to use and cost-effective. For instance, you can include an iPad stand without redesigning the entire booth. New feature in your exhibit can also fetch more attention to the products/services that have been exhibited.

Rent a Trade Show Display – If you’re not able to decide whether to invest in the current exhibit or build a new one, go for another option – rent a display. Renting an exhibit is less expensive. And you can get everything rented out as per your needs and demands. Through renting, you will also get a clear insight as to what is suitable and what is worth the money invested. Lastly, you will avoid and save the storage costs.

Trade shows form the part of your marketing strategy, but at the same time, they are an investment. Fortunately, there are ways to make them affordable. At Abex Exhibits, we can provide you custom exhibit design at an affordable price that works within your budget.

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Trade Show Modernizing with SEG

SEG Fabric Graphic Close-up

When participating in a trade show there are many components of it that require detailed attention. It is really important that the display look up to date and modern. There are some items that are used in the display that can make it look outdated very quickly.

The Graphics

Most that go to trade shows are definitely familiar with many types of graphic displays. Many of these that have continued to work well throughout the years and still work today but only in some applications. When there is a large desire to become more lightweight (to save $ in drayage) so that your trade show schedule doesn’t cost you a fortune, fabric graphics make the most sense for bringing those results. In only makes sense to incorporate SEG fabric graphics in today’s exhibit.

The Introduction of SEG

SEG is Silicone Edge Graphics. It is a new resource being used in fabric graphics, which are ideal for trade shows. This is comprised of a select few fabrics specially designed for backlit or non-backlit displays with a high resolution dye-sublimated print. The edge is finished with a strip that is comprised of silicone and gets sewn directly onto the edge of the graphic. A frame with a recessed groove is then used so this silicone edge can be neatly inserted into it. Proper fitting is really important as the graphic must be taunt in the framework.

This is now the new modern replacement for those hard panel graphics that would show their wear and tear over time and could be difficult to work with. Not to mention how easy and cost effective it is to replace your graphics from show to show.

Once the advantages of the Silicone Edge Graphics are discovered, businesses using them could not fathom having to go back to the standard hard panel graphics they have been relying on for years.

Pristine Graphics

The graphics themselves are clear and sharp making them stand out and easy to view. This is due to the dye sublimation.

Less Space Requirements

Traditional framed graphics tend to take up a lot of space both during display and storage. With the SEG they are comprised of fewer frameworks which in turn address these issues.


These graphics are flexible in that they can be used on a variety of different types of SEG aluminum extrusion profiles.

Upgraded Appearance

Every little detail about a graphic display counts and anything that can detract away from this should be avoided. With the traditional graphics the seam line is noticeable but this is not the case with SEG graphics as there are no seams.

Easy Transporting

Transporting these fabrics is simple and hassle free because they are so lightweight and the fabric can be neatly folded.

Easy Care

Trying to clean traditional graphics can be almost impossible but with the SEG these fabric graphics can be easily washed and steamed to restore them to their pristine condition.

Benefits to the Environment

When the ease in which these fabric graphics can be stored and transported they have an indirect but important benefit to the environment.

Results Driven

The SEG fabric graphics are results driven. This all achievable due to;

*Crisp clean graphics

*Anti-glare material

*Cost effective

*Less framework


When all of the benefits of the SEG displays are compared to traditional graphic displays they far outweigh those that have been used in the past. They have that modern up to date look that is sure to enhance any display.

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How Backlit Fabric Displays Make You Outperform Competitors

Backlit fabric displays

Backlit fabric displays are one of the hottest trends in trade shows today!

First impression is the last impression. For businesses, first impressions become even more crucial in trade shows. Exhibiting your products or services in a trade show is not just about meeting and greeting visitors, it is about presenting your brand in a compelling and memorable way. The appearance of your exhibit can drive interest and attract more visitors to your booth.

Backlit fabric displays can help you do exactly that. There are available a wide variety of sizes and styles in backlit displays, including tension fabric displays and hybrid modular displays, that will enable you to buy attendee time and stand out from the crowd. When back lighting is added to your trade show booth, you possibly gain the attention of the visitors with vibrant graphic colors. Such trade show displays not only show you work hard to promote your business but also create a professional look in big events.

Need more reasons to invest in a backlit fabric display for your business promotion? Check out here how these trade show displays will enable you to create great first impression and walk away with dozens of new customers:

1. They Attract More Visitors – In this highly competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to make an impact. That’s why it is important to place your best foot forward. Create buzz with a backlit display to outperform among competitors and compel visitors to know what your organization is all about. When you install standard lights in your booth, they can be irritating on the eyes and may also make the booth space appear darker. Inadequate lighting makes the booth space unattractive, and your services or products may go unnoticed.

Backlit fabric displays consist of bright LED lights installed behind customized fabric displays and integrated with aluminum profiles. Lights in the corner of the display brightly illuminate the corner and edges of your booth. The down lights that are placed at the top of the frame skin highlight your logo and graphics. It is completely your choice to select from single or double-sided backlit displays.

2. They Create Brand Recognition – The backlit displays allow you to communicate your brand message to the prospective customers effectively. When designed and installed properly, they clearly highlight your products / services, thereby strengthening your presence and creating brand recognition among attendees. These stunning visual displays will let you deliver your marketing message to a maximum number of visitors.

3. They Improve Attendees’ Experience – Brightly illuminated booth not only captures the attention of the attendees on a busy trade show floor but it also makes it easier for them to see and read about your company even from far off distance. Make the design simple and print the messages on the fabric display clearly so that attendees get exactly what you want to convey. Good lighting can easily help you accomplish that.

4. They are Lightweight & Versatile – These displays are made up of aluminum frames that have silicone edge graphics, thus making them lightweight and easy to transport. The functions of backlit displays are not only limited to trade shows and exhibitions, they can also be utilized at corporate lobbies, retail outlets, shopping malls and airports.

If you’re not sure which type of backlit fabric display will be best suitable for the next trade show, consult a trusted company that offers quality, flexibility, and durability with cutting-edge style in your exhibit. At Abex, you can count on us that you’ll surely get noticed.