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Ways To Keep Your Exhibit Materials Safe At A Trade Show

lockable trade show counters

Trade show theft can still occur, despite the efforts put in by the exhibitor. Regardless of the security guards that are on duty 24 hours a day, you cannot completely rely on them for the protection of your booth space and the valuable items in your exhibit. The security guards never keep a watch over your merchandise, they are there for other security reasons. So, prior to hiring your own personal security guard, think of investing in lockable trade show counters and follow the below enlisted measures to keep the exhibit material safe.

PRE SHOW CHECKLIST – Although no one is going to lift your custom trade show booth display under your nose, your iPads, laptops or any other gadgets/products are a different story. Create an inventory checklist prior to exhibiting at the trade show. While busy at the show, visitors you might not notice or suspect may take something small but at the same time precious and valuable. Consider making a check list or doing the following:

  • Draw a rough sketch of your booth space.
  • Label every visible portable item.
  • When the booth is all set, take a photo.

While packing everything, cross check all these items to make sure everything is in place.

LOCKABLE TRADE SHOW COUNTERS – Your booth staff and their personal belongings such as purses, phones, and car keys are easy targets for theft. Custom lockable trade show counters are not only a wonderful addition to your trade show booth but also keep your exhibiting materials safe during your trade show along with keeping the belongings of the staff safe. A small footprint with a range of sizes and designs perfect for any booth layout. While you’re not using your laptop or iPad, instead of leaving them out, store them in a lockable counter. Always greet every booth visitor personally, and with a handshake. Even if you’re busy, take a second to make eye contact.

POST SHOW RECON – All theft that occurs at a trade show have one thing in common – they occur especially at the time of moving out. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to label the boxes that attract the attention of thieves. Also, make sure that someone stays in your booth if you leave. Try to label the boxes differently or less descriptively. Make sure that everything is packed in your presence and in your sight. Don’t give some racoon an opportunity to dig through the boxes behind the curtain.

No matter what kind of show you’re exhibiting at, security is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on all people anymore to be honest and credible. So, there you have it!! Lockable trade show counters, pre show checklist and a post show recon is a solid plan to keep trade show thieves away from and uninterested in your booth. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst with these simple theft prevention tips.

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How To Make The Best Use of Trade Show Shipping Cases

Trade Show Shipping Cases

Moving your trade show displays to and from the trade show floor is a challenging and expensive task. Therefore, it is recommended to make the best use of your trade show shipping cases as they can help you save hassle, time and money. Abex Exhibits offers trade show display shipping cases that are rotomolded right here in San Fernando, California (not blow-molded or injection molded) to protect your displays in between shows while traveling. You can rely on us, and we guarantee no breakage on our transport cases.

Our practical cases are the best affordable solutions to store and transport your trade show booth, graphics and other materials. We provide several varieties of case solutions for portable, custom modular, or rental exhibits. These cases are the perfect solution to provide your exhibit elements utmost protection. Below we have enlisted how you can make the best use of trade show shipping cases:

Keep The Cases in Your Booth – Always keep your booth clean and tidy, and your shipping cases can help you with that. If you send back the cases, you will have to wait for hours after the closure of the trade show. As the show wraps, everybody feels like rushing back.

To overcome this hassle, nowadays there are available multi-function cases with case-to-podium conversion kits. These cases can easily be transformed into a counter or into attractive and useful branding podiums

Use your Cases for Storage – Our shipping cases aren’t just made for shipping your exhibit but can also be used as storage box. They are designed in a way to store other things, so you can use them in that way.

If you’ve planned to give out samples of your products or distribute freebies, then make use of the cases to store them at the back of your exhibit. Your staff can also use them as a locker to keep their personal items safe while at the trade show.

Consolidate Your Items – The cost of moving your trade show display from your office to the trade show location and then again back to the office (usually called drayage), can increase your overall exhibition budget. That’s why it is recommended to consolidate your display items. Consolidation means you can combine several smaller packages into one bigger parcel. The right case will help you accommodate a number of items such as banner stands, graphics, brochures, and freebies. Therefore, consider buying a large shipping case or transport tub.

The above mentioned tips when followed will help you get the most from your trade show shipping cases. The right case can help you save big in time, money and effort. Trust Abex Exhibits to provide you with high quality shipping cases that will lead to no breakage of items while transporting to your next trade show.